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"I discovered an Invisible Empire of the Air, intangible, yet solid as granite,"
Lee de Forest
 Three million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online
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Trade Magazines & Periodicals    
  (Modern Era)  <center><h2>Business  of  Broadcasting<br></h2><hr>Search all these together<br>Broadcasting - Radio Daily<br>Sponsor - R&R<br>Television - TV Radio Age<br>Televiser - US Radio<h3>All Issues</h3><hR>Combined search<br>of the magazines that <br>chronicled the business<BR>of Broadcasting</center><br> Search this group only
<center><h2>Broadcasting<br><br>Magazine</h2><hr><h3> 1931 to 1992</h3> <hR>Contents are <br>Searchable by keywords<BR> Over 3000 issues<BR> Nearly complete ollection <BR> from 1931 to 1989<br>viewable online.<BR> Many special editions <br>and supplements.</center><br> Broadcasting
3200+ issues
<center><h2>R&R<br><br>Radio & Records</h2><hr><h3>1973 - 2009 </h3><hR>Music and Radio programming <br>Industry news, Airplay charts<BR>Interviews, ratings, and station sales</center><br> R & R
Radio and Records
Music and industry news

<center><h3>N E W Collection<br>Billboard Magazine</h3><hR>1940's to the 2000's<br>Currently being assembled and expanded<br>These are easy links to Google Books<br>And will include many issues<br>from my extra collection <BR>Google is missing entire volumes and issues <br>Which I will try to provide as possible<br>I welcome submissions of missing issues<BR>Eventually will be indexed<BR></center> Billboard
1942 to 2010
Llinks via Google
Addional issues and searches.
Chart collecions
 <center><h2>Sponsor Magazine</h2><h3>Media Buyer's Journal</h3><hr>1946 to 1964<br>Radio and TV <br>with an advertiser focus</center> Sponsor
Radio-TV advertising  publication.
<center><h2>Television<br><br>Magazine</h2><hr><h3>1943 to 1968 </h3><hR>Over 250 issues <br>Many in-depth<BR> articles about the<br>TV Industry<br>Began as independent<br> in 1944<br>Bought by <br>Broadcasting Magazine<br>in 1960</center><br> Television
<center><h2>Radio Daily</h2><hr> Published 1937 to 1960's <BR>1946 to 1950 now online <BR>The "original" broadcast newsletter <BR>  Station, network and indsutry news <BR> Over 200 issues each year</center> Radio Daily  newsletter
40's and
early 50's
 <center><h2>The Gavin Report<br></h2><hr><h3>1958 - 2002 </h3><hR>Programming tip sheet <br>Radio & Music news <BR>Airplay charts<BR>Interviews</center><br> The Gavin

Radio and music
tip sheet / magazine
<center><h2>Tip Sheets<br><br>The Hamilton Report <br><br> Fred<br></h2><hr><h3>1970's and 1980's </h3><hR>Radio Programmers Journals<br>Radio & Music industry news <BR>Airplay music charts and Interviews</center><br> Radio & Music
Tip Sheets:
Airplay reports, weekly adds, industry news.
Fred, Hamilton, others.
<center><h2>Television/Radio Age<h2><hr><h3>1953 - 1989 </h3><hr>In-depth analysis of  the television<br>and radio industry </center><br> Television
Radio Age

ad biz and
media magazine.
<center><h2>U S Radio<br><br>Magazine</h2><hr><h3>1957 to 1961 </h3><hR>All issues from this <br>from Short-lived journal<BR> Advertiser and Ad Buyer<BR>Focues with many ads<BR> for radio stations</center><br> U. S. Radio Magazine
Radio news journal.

1962 to present.
 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
<center><h2>Broadcast <br>Programming<br>and Promotion</h2><hr> Published in the 70s<BR>Production and technology<BR>Programming and Market Profiles</center> Broadcast Programming
& Production

from the 70's

Lone issues of publications or small collections
Special Editions
 of magazines
 in this section. Anniversary and themed issues
Faded Signals  "stories behind the stations"  based on ads and articles from this site's publications.    
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Trade Yearbooks and Directories Top
<center><h2>Broadcasting<br><br> Yearbook</h2><hr><h3>Every Edition <br>1935 to 2010 </h3><hr>Complete collection<BR>Content searchable by keywords <BR>Radio stations by city and<br> state and frequency<BR>FCC rules and NAB Code<BR>Equipment manufacturers<br>Program producers and <br>specialty programming</center><br> Broadcasting

Every issue since 1935.
<center><h2>Telecasting Yearbook <br><br>from<br><br> Broadcasting Magazine</h2><hR> 1953 - 1958<BR>During much of the 1950's, <BR>Broadcasting Magazine separated their<BR> yearbook publication into <br>television and radio editions <BR>and produced at least six TV only yearbooks.<BR> Five of these have been obtained <BR>and are available here.</center><BR> Telecasting
Yearbook from Broadcasting Magazine - 1950's
<center><h2>Television Factbook<br><br>TV Factbook</h2><hR>Published 1945 to present<hR>TV station data<BR> 8 sample issues <br>from the 50's 60's and 70's <BR></center><BR> TV Factbook
Television station directory. 8 issues from the 50's to the 70's
<center><h2>Advertiser's Sketchbook</h2><hr>Late 30's Annual<br> A light hearted view<hr>of advertising and advertisers<BR>with many artful scketches of <br>Ad business luminaries and personalities <BR> Advertiser's Sketchbook & Etc.
Manuel Rosenberg's books on media and advertising.
<center><h2>Radio Annual</h2><hr><h3> 1938 to 1964</h3> <hR> All Are Searchable by keywords <BR> All 26 volumes available <BR> From Radio Daily. <BR>  Station listings and talent directory. <BR> Articles by industry figures.</center><br> Radio
from Radio Daily

27 Editions
<center><h2>Variety Radio Annual</h2><hr><h3>1937 - 1940</h3><hr>All 4 issues <br>available here<br>From Variety Magazine<br>lists stations and talent</center> Variety

1937 to
<center><h2>Keyes Radio <br><br>Annual</h2><hr><h3>1933</h3><hr>Earliest full directory on Site<br>Stations, talent, Networks<br>Radio Legislation<br>International stations</center> Keyes Annual 1933.
The oldest directory on the site.  
 <center><h2>B B C<br><br> Year Book</h2><hr><h3>First Published  <br>1928</h3><hr>Annual report on Programming <BR>Operations and<BR>Achievements Code<BR>of the<br>British Broadcasting <br>Corporation</center><br> BBC Year Book
Issued annually from the 20's by the British Broadcasting Corporation
<center><h2>M Street Directory</h2><hr><h3>1989 - 2010</h3><hr>All 19 editions<br>courtesy of Inside Radio<br>Listing for all AM and FM stations<br>Market Summary with all stations<br>in each metro with ratings<br>Stations by call letter and frequency<br>All Canadian stations</center> M Street Directory
All editions now online.
Courtesy of Inside Radio
<center><h2>SRDS Spot Radio </h2><hr><h3>Stations & Ad Rates</h3><hR>Selected issues 1942 - 1985<hR> The Ad Buyer's Reference for:<br> Station Data <BR>Rate Cards and Facilities<BR> Management, Ownership <br>Format, Air date, Rep Firm<BR>Listings were very accurate<BR> because the book was used <BR>as a guide to place ad buys</center> SRDS Spot Radio Rates & Data.  1942-43, 1959, 1982 & 1985 editions now online <center><h2>Starship Radio '73</h2><hr> From The Hamilton Report<br>Interviews, Market profiles.<br>Charts by week and for the year.<br>Station staff for each market's <br>contemporary and rock stations.<br>The year's best contests <br>and promotions. </center> Starship
Radio 1973
from the Hamilton
  R&R Program Supplier Guide
Marketing Guide
80's and 80's 
Radio Business Report's Source Guide. Ratings and market summary. Inside Radio Ratings Report & Directory
Published in Fall and Spring in the 80's
Bookshelf Top
<center><h2>Early Books about Radio</h2><hr><h3>Public Domain editions!</h3><hr><img src="Archive-Other-Documments/Public-Domain-Books/SampleCover.jpg"> Bookshelf
Books from the past about broadcasting and related fields.
History of Broadcasting
A book series covering early radio and TV
<center><h2>Early Books about Radio</h2><hr><h3>Public Domain editions!</h3><hr><img src="Archive-Other-Documments/Public-Domain-Books/SampleCover.jpg"> Engineering Bookshelf
Earlier books about broadcast technology.
  Enjoyment of Radio Bookshelf
How to listen, understanding technology, stars of radio and programs
The Radio Station
The first 4 editions of Michael Keith's "gold standard" text on radio, 1986-1997
Passport to World Band Radio
1984-2009 guide
to all things short-wave
Magazines Directories Technical Audio Logs
& Lists
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Stations Book-
this site
Audio & Recording Top <center><h2>Audio Collection<br></h2><hr>Search all these together<br>Audio - db<br>Modern Recording<br>Studio Sound<br>Recording Engineer Producer<br>Tape Recording<hR>Combined search<br>of the magazines that <br>are devoted to audio<BR> Search Audio Group Only
<center><h2>Audio & Audio Engineering</h2><hr>Founded in 1947<br> Began as technical journal<hr>Evolved into consumer publication<BR>Our collection covers first 15 years.<BR> Audio Engineering / Audio Magazine.
1947 - 1964

<center><h1>db</h1><hr><h3>Sound Engineering</h3><hr>19267 to 1994<hr> Audio and sound recording<hr>Technology and hardware<BR>Many timeless articles<BR> db magazine. The Sound Engineering journal.1967 to 1994.
<center><h2>High Fidelity</h2><hr>Founded in 1951<br> Consumer publication<hr>Founded by broadcast pioneer<BR>Milton Sleepter<BR>Began with a technical focus.<br>Evolved into music and equipment journal.<br>Our collection covers first 15 years.<BR> High Fidelity
Milton Sleeper's consumer audio magazine
<center><h2>Recording<br><br>Engineer / Producer</h2><hr><h3>1970 - 1992</h3/<br>Recording studio engineering<hr>Production techniques<BR>and related technolgy<BR> Recording Engineer / Producer. "REP"
<center><h2>Tape Recording</h2><hr>1950's into the 60's <br> Consumer  recording magazine<hr>Lots of articles about tape technology<BR>and use of tape recorders<BR>Many ads for tapes and tape gear.<BR> Tape Recording Magazine from the 50's and the 60's
Studio Sound
Sound and professional audio journal from 1969
Modern Recording
Prodution and audio magazine
Tape Recording
UK Edition
British magazine 1957 to 1971
Magazines Directories Technical Audio Logs
& Lists
Ratings Inter-
Stations Book-
this site
Technical - Broadcast Engineering Top
<center><h2>RCA Broadcast News</h2><hR><h3>1931 - 1980's</h3> <hR> 115 total issues now avialable to view<br>All issues are searchable <BR>RCA Broadcast Equipment Division<BR>Published this magazine for engineers<br>and station management. <br>Contents include articles about stations, <BR> engineering and  equipment. <BR> Stunning photographs and marvelous <BR> descriptions of technology.</center> RCA

1931 1985
126  issues 

center><h2>Western Electric<br><br>Oscillator</h2><hr><h3>1934 to 1948</h3><hr>Articles and Photos<BR>of Western Electric<BR>Broadcast Equipment<br>and installations</center><br>  Western Electric Oscillator
<center><h2>Broadcast<br> Engineering</h2><hr><h3>1960's to 2013</h3><hr>Technical Publiucation <br>for Radio TV engineers<hr>-   Many ads for studio and <br>transmitter equipment   -<br>Articles on technology <br>and maintenance<br>80 issues from <br>the 60's to 2013<br></center> Broadcast Engineering Magazine from the 60's to 2013
<center><h2>Broadcast<br>Management <br>and Engineering</h2><hr><h3>1960's to 1980's</h2><hr>Technical Publiucation <br>for Radio TV engineers<hr>-   Many ads for studio and <br>transmitter equipment   -<br>Articles on technology <br>and maintenance<br></center> BM/E  Technical magazine from the 60s to
the 90s

 <center><h2>Equipment Catalogs <br>and <br>Service Manuals</h2><hR>Transmitters, consoles, <br>audio processing. <BR>  Late 30's to 80's <BR> A variety of years. <BR>Collins, Harris, RCA, <br>Gates, Continental<br>Spotmaster, BE, Allied and more</center> Broadcasting Equipment Catalogs
& Manuals

<center><h1>Gates <br><br> Harris</h1> <hr><h3>Manuals and Catalogs</h3><hR>Transmitters, consoles, <br>audio processing.</center> Gates and Harris transmitters and audio equipment. Many Manuals <center><h1>RCA </h1> <hr><h3>Manuals and Catalogs</h3><hR>Transmitters, consoles, <br>audio processing.</center> RCA transmitters, studio and TV equipment
Many manuals
 <center><h1>Collins</h1> <hr><h3>Manuals and Catalogs</h3><hR>Transmitters, consoles, <br>audio processing.</center>  Collins transmitters and studio equipment catalogs and manuals
  Western Electric Equipment Catalogs
& Manuals
General Radio Experimenter
1926 to 1970

<center><h3>The Crypt</h3><hr>Broadcast engineering and FCC Documents<hr>An assortment of licence applications<br>Dating from 1948 to the 80's<br>Radio, TV, directionals<br></center> THE CRYPT
Samples of  Engineering and FCC filings
<center><h2>FCC Documents<br></h2><hr>Rules & Related<h3>1915 to present</h3><hR>FCC Rules (Pt 73) from <br>various different years <br>EBS & Engineering<BR>Third Party interpretations<BR>Federal Radio Act<br>Federal Radio Commission</center><br> FCC & Regulation Rules, documents and explanations of broadcast regulation.
Broadcast Communi-
Started in 1978.
<center><h2>Radio Engineering</h2><hr>1920 to 1937<br> Radio receiver technology<hr>and related fields<BR>including broadcast<BR>antennas and transmitters.<BR> Radio Engineering
<center><h2>Communications &<br><br>Broadcast Engineering</h2><hr><h3>1934 to 1937</h3><hr>Engineering  & Technical<BR>Became Communications<BR>in 1937</center><br> Communnications
& Broadcast Engineering

1928 to early 40's
Electronics technology magazine.
<center><h2>Televiser</h2><hr>Early TV Magazine<br> One of a variety of new<hr>magazines covering the new field of TV<BR>Technology<br>regulation and stations<BR> Televiser
Magazine. Early Television Industry trade magazine from 1944 on.
<center><h2>FM & Television <br>Magazine</h2><hr><h3>1941 - 1953</h3><hr>Early FM & TV Publication<br>with several name changes<br>Milton Sleeper's publication<br>covering Technology and Marketing<br>of the new broadcast services</center> FM & Television Magazine from Milton Sleeper
40's and 50's issues about FM and TV
M Street Journal
FCC applications, format changes.
Television Digest & FM Reports from 1945. Newsletter detailing events, legislation, licenses and other TV and FM news.
<center><h3>-*-    NAB Engineering Handbooks    -*-</h3><hr>Earlier editions show technical aspects<br> of radio, TV and regulation<br>Many charts and conversion tables<br> Vintage NAB Engineering Handbooks
Vol 4, 5 & 6
Radio Engineering Handbook
by Henney.
1930's to 1960  
Radio Handbook
The annual radio engineering reference from the editors of "Radio"
Radio Engineering Handbooks
Miscellaneous technical reference books from the 20's onwards
Broadcast Equipment Exchange
1977-1980 predecssor to Radio World.
<center><h2>Television Engineering</h2><hr>Founded in 1950<br> Televsion Technology<hr>Both TV station and Receivers<BR>Apparently ceased publication 1952<BR> Televeision Engineering
Early 1950's
Television and related technologies
<center><h2>NARBA Frequency Change</h2><hr><h3>Listen to Spot Announcements!</h3><hr>In 1941 nearly every AM station in America<br>changed its operating frequency<br>Hear the spots RCA distributed on disks<br>to instruct listeners about the effects<br> of the change and how to have the presets<br>on their radios retuned</center> 1940 NARBA
 Radio Spots when US stations changed frequency.
Electronics Catalogs
from Allied, Lafayette, Olsen
and others
Technical - Consumer Electronics Top <center><h2>Electronics Collection<br></h2><hr>Search all these together<br>Popular Electronics<br>Electronics World<br>Radio Electronics<br>Electronics Illustrated<br>Elementary Electronics<hR>Combined search<br>of electronics hobbyist<br>magazines<BR> Search Consumer Group Only
Popular Electronics
Electronics magazine starting in 1954
Electronics World
From 1959. Sucessor to Radio News.
Radio Electronics
& Electronics Now

From 1948
Sucessor to Radio Craft.
Electronics Illustrated
1958 to 1972 hobbyist
RadioTV Experimenter
50's and 60's hobbyist magazine
Elementary Electronics.
60's to early 80's hobbyist magazine
Communications World. 1970's and early 80's Shortwave, scanner and DX magazine
White's Radio Log
Early personal computer and microcomputer magazine.
  Modern Electronics
Electronic hobbyist magazine 1986 to 1991.  
  Hands-On Electronics
Hobbyist publication from 1984 to 1989
Hobbyist Special Editions. One-time or annual publications for electronics hobbyists. Practical Wireless
Hobby and construction publication from
the UK 
Practical Television
TV theory, news, construction and maintenance magazine from the UK
Radio Constructor
1946 to the 1970's British electronics hobbyist magazine
Amateur Tape Recording.
1959-1967 Australian tape magazine.
Electronics Today
or ETI 1971 to 2002 from England and Australia
Technical - All Other Top
<center><h2>Tele-Tech Magazine</h2><h3>Electronics Technology</h3><hr>1947 - 1955<hr>Deep coverage of Post-War Technology<BR>Including televsion, FM and radio<BR>Engineering  oriented</center>br> technical magazine<BR>Many radio and <br>TV related articles<BR>70 issues available<BR></center> Tele-Tech magazine, Radio, TV, electronics.
<center><h3>Communications <br>Magazine</h3><hR><h3>1937 - 1949</h3><br>technical magazine<hR>Articles about the early<br> development of TV and FM<BR>Interesting articles<br> schematics and photos<BR></center> Communications Magazine
to 50's 
<center><h2>Television</h2><hr>1928 <br>Early British TV Journal<hr>Developing GTV Technology<BR>Shows early development<BR>and predictions for television<BR> Television Magazine
1928 British TV magazine
Natrional Radio News
The bulletin of correspndence school NRI.from 1928.
<center><h2>Bell Laboratories<br><br>Record</h2><hr><h3>1920's to 1960's</h3><hr>Staff magazine of the<BR>research division of <BR>the Phone Company<br>covering techology<br>developments</center><br> Bell Laboratories Record
Technical advances by the AT&T system
RCA Review
Radio and Electronics research and engineering. Began in 1937.
RCA's "Televsion" book series on new technology & early RCA  TV publications    RCA Engineer
Publication for RCA engineers 1954 to 1980's
Radio Engineer's Journal
1933 to mid-1940's
ITT Electrical Communication
1922 to 1966
Radio-Elecctronic Engineering
Suplement to  Radio News in the 1950's
Capitol Radio Engineering Institute
1949 home study course. 75 lessons.
Magazines Directories Technical Audio Logs
& Lists
Ratings Inter-
Stations Book-
this site
 Early Radio - Mass Market Top O
<center><h2>Radio News</h2><h3>Radio & Televsion News</h3><hr>1919 to 1958 <br> More than 450 Issues<hr>Receivers, Stations and<BR>Electronic Technology<BR>Many diagrams <br>and illustrations<BR> Radio News 
Radio - TV News

Hobbyist & electronics magazine
1919 to 1959
Radio & Television News
Electronics Magazine formerly "Radio News"
<center><h2>Radio-Craft</h2><h3>from Hugo Gernsback</h3><hr>1929 to 1948 <br> Over 150 issues<hr>Receivers, news and<BR>Electronic Technology<BR>Many diagrams <br>and illustrations<BR> Radio Craft
Radio News' competitor. Electronics & circuits.1929 to1948.
<center><h2>Radio  Broadcast</h2><hr>1922 to 1930 <br> Nearly complete collection<hr>Receivers, Stations and<BR>Electronic Technology<BR>Many diagrams <br>and illustrations<BR> Radio Broadcast.
Stations, circuits & programming.

<center><h2>Radio Digest</h2><hr><h3>1922-1933</h3><hr>Weekly news <br>about<br> stations and the<BR>Broadcast Industry<BR>Station Profiles <br>and Industry News<BR> Radio Digest
adio news & programming weekly 1922-32
Television News
Gernsback's early magazine about TV in its infancy.
<center><h2>Short Wave Craft</h2><h3>Short Wave & Television</h3><hr>1930 to 1938 <br> Over 75 Issues<hr>Short wave radio<BR>Early Television<BR>Many diagrams <br>and illustrations<BR> Short Wave & Television (which became)
Radio & Television

Wireless World from the U.K.
1913 to 1984
<center><h2>All Wave Radio</h2><hr>1930's <hr> Short Wave Radio<hr>International stations<BR>Receivers<BR>DX and Listening All Wave Radio
30's Short Wave and international broadcasting publication
<center><h2>Radio in the Home</h2><hr>1923 to 1926 <br>Homebuilding articles<hr>featured designes by<BR>David Grimes<BR>Noted set designer<BR> Radio In The Home. Mid-20s radio and receiver publication.
<center><h2>Radio Age</h2><hr>1922 to 1927 <br>Construction articles<br>Station Lists<hr>One of the many set building<BR>and reception improvement<BR>publications of the 20's<BR>Excellent monthly Station Lists Radio Age
Construction, stations and station lists
Radio Review / Radio Listeners' Callbook
Short Wave Radio
Short Wave magazine begun in 1934
<center><h2>Early Radio<br>Publications</h2><h3>eBook</h3><hr>1941 - 1957<hr>Conusmer focused publication<BR>Electronics radio TV FM<BR>All Volumes <br>except first available</center>  "Complete Radio & TV" 20 page eBook on the history of radio and TV mags from 1909 to 1980's <center><h2>Electronic Age<br>Magazine</h2><hr><h3>From RCA</h3><hr>1957 - 1971<hr>Conusmer focused publication<BR>Electronics in the <BR>Mid 20th Century</center> Electronic Age
1957-1971 technology quarterly from RCA

<center><h2>Radio Age<br>Magazine</h2><hr><h3>From RCA</h3><hr>1941 - 1957<hr>Conusmer focused publication<BR>Electronics radio TV FM<BR>All Volumes <br>except first available</center> Radio Age magazine from RCA 1941 to 1957. Technology quartely.
Early Radio - Science, Construction Top
 <center><h2>Popular Radio</h2><hr>1922 to 1928 <hr>Construction and hobbyists<hr>Absorbed Wireless Age<BR>Thick editions with<BR>lots of pages and diagrams Popular Radio
Construction, amateurs, radio broadcast. 1922 to 1928
<center><h2>Wireless Age</h2><hr>1914 to 1926 <br> Earliest collection on this site<hr>Developing Radio Technology<BR>Scientific discovery<BR>Practical applications<BR> Wireless Age. Early journal of radio and technology. 1913-1925
<center><h2>Citizen's Radio Callbook</h2><h3>Technolgy and station listings</h3><hr>1921 - 1932<hr>Very extensive listings of stations <BR>Technology articles<BR>Listener features</center> Citizen's Radio Callbook Magazine
Technical and station lists
Electrical Experimenter.
& Science & Invention
Radio Magazine
Construction and technology magazine from 1922 to 1947
Pacific Radio News
1919 to 1921 when it became Radio World
Radio World
Technical and construction journal from1922 to 1928
<center><h2>Radio Today</h2><hr>1919 to 1958 <br> Nearly full collection<hr>Radio Receiver and Service Industry Journal<BR>Many articles about stations and programs<BR> Radio Today
Radio set manufacturing  radio stations, programming
Modern Electrics
Early hobbyist and experimenter magazine.
Incomplete collections of
Early radio hobbyist magazines
Stations and lists.
Do you have issues and publications that we are missing? Please contact the webmaster! Radio Jounal
1922 into the 30's
Hobbist magazine evolving into retail electrical dealer magazine
Magazines Directories Technical Audio Logs
& Lists
Ratings Inter-
Stations Book-
this site
 Early Radio - Programs and Stars Top
<center><h2>Radio Mirror</h2><hr>1933 to 1977 <br> Fan Magazine<hr>Radio artists & Programs<BR>First 20 years covered<BR>Later became<BR>Radio & Television Mirror<br>Radio Romances<br>Radio & TV Mirror. Radio Mirror. Radio fan magazine full of broadcast history.
<center><h2>Radio Guide </h2><h3>Movie & Radio Guide<br><hr>1931-1943 </h3><hr>300 editions<hR>Regional radio program listings<BR>Network and Station News<BR> Station directories <br>and artist news.<BR>The Predecessor of TV Gude</center> Radiio Guide
Programs and Personalities  from the '31 to '43.
Radio Doings
Pacific Coast Program Guide from 1923 to 1935
<center><h2>What's On The Air</h2><hr>1929 to 1931 <br> Short-lived publication<hr>Radio Schedules<BR>Program articles<BR> What's On The Air. Radio program guide from 1929 to 1931
<center><h2>Radio Varieties</h2><hr>1938 to 1941 <br> Radio Programs<br>Program Schedules<br>Personalities<hr>Regional editions gave<BR>specific station schedules<BR>and local talent profiles<BR> Radio Varieties
Issues from 1940 to 1941
The Microphone. Mid-30s' program and station guide Broadcast Weekly
Pacific Coast weekly program guide from the 1930's
On the Air
Programs and Stations
Radio Album
The stars, singers and bands of radio from 1942
Rural Radio
Promoting America's clear channel radio outlets
Radio Life
Los Angeles program directory
from the 30's and 40's
Radio Dial
Cincinnati radio program listings from 1931  
Radio Register
Late 20's Log and station information monthly magazine
Fan magazine from the 20's which returned in the late 40's
Radio Stars
1932 to 1938 fan magazine from
Tune In
Radio fan magazine with schedules
1943 to 1946
Radio Log
"What's on the Air"
1932 to mid 30's
CBS Radio Network Program Schedules 1937- 1946   Radio FanFare.
1936 to mid 40's
Program schedules and articles for Northern California 
<center><h2>NARBA Frequency Change</h2><hr><h3>Listen to Spot Announcements!</h3><hr>In 1941 nearly every AM station in America<br>changed its operating frequency<br>Hear the spots RCA distributed on disks<br>to instruct listeners about the effects<br> of the change and how to have the presets<br>on their radios retuned</center> 1940 NARBA
 Radio Spots when US stations changed frequency.
Magazines Directories Technical Audio Logs
& Lists
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Stations Book-
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Radio Logs & Station Lists & Logs Top
<center><h3>RADEX <br>'The RAdio inDEX'</h3><hr>Published 1925 to 1942 <BR> Over 100 issues <BR> All are Searchable <br>by keywords <BR> Radex was the <br>listener's guide when <BR>there were fewer local <br>stations and much listening <br> was at night to skywave signals. <BR>US, Canada, Mexico <br>by frequency and location. <br> Great articles on radio listening.</center> Radex
Radio Index
Listings of
all stations
<center><h3>White's Log and Station Lists</h3><hr>White's Stevenson Burgess, FBIS<BR>1923 to 1980's.<BR>Nearly 200 Radio Logs<BR> with  stations by frequency,<BR> location and call letters.<BR> FM and TV are included<BR> in later editions.</center> Radio logs & Station lists
White's, Stevenson's

Burgess & more
<center><h3>FM Atlas 1970 - 2010</h3><hR> 20 of 21 total editions <BR> The late Dr Bruce Elving's  <BR>marvelous publication which plots <BR> every FM on maps  <BR>plus listings by frequency and  <BR>state & city including  <BR>formats and SCA.</center> FM Atlas
All North
FM Stations
1970 2010  
<center><h3>The Vane A Jones</h3><h3>- North American -<br>-  Radio & Television -<br> Guide</h3><hr>Published 1957 to 1985 <BR>17 editions available. <BR>This was The DXer's <br>and station owner's <BR>favorite list of all <br>US Radio and TV stations. <BR>Includes Canada <br>Mexico Caribbean</center> Jones North American
Radio and TV
Late 50's to
<center><h3>FBIS</h3><h3>- Foreign Broadcast -<br>-  Information Service -</h3><hr>Prepared by the CIS <BR>Lists AM, FM, TV and SW<BR>Frequency order and<br> Country and City Order<BR>Has lots of errors <BR>But is only public domain <br>foreign list<br>since WRTVH does not<br> make any online <br>data available</center> FBIS Radio Stations of the World from our freinds at the  CIA Guide to Broadcasting Stations from Wireless World
European Log
<center><h3>Radio Service<br>Bulletins<br>1915-1932</h3><hR>Early regulatio<br>of communications and radio<BR>Monthly bulletin of actions<br>by Government on communications<BR>and, later, broadcast<BR>Many include first US station grants</center> Radio Service Bulletins: regulatory actions 1915 to 1932
Radio Register
Late 20's Log and station information monthly magazine
Monitoring Times
DX, Short Wave and Utilities magazine from the 80's and 90's
Magazines Directories Technical Audio Logs
& Lists
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Stations Book-
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Ratings, Research & Programming Top
<center><h2>Duncan's American Radio</h2><hr><h3> 28 years of Arbitron Ratings </h3><hr>70 editions 1975 - 2004<hr>Market by Market Arbitron rankers<br>Station formats and facilities<br>A complete profile of every rated market.<BR>Several special editions</center>
Duncan's American Radio.
Arbitron ratings
by market
<center><h2>Duncan's American Radio</h2><hr><h1> 1975 - 2004 </h1><hr>28 Year Trending by Market<hr>Several pages for each Market<br>Shares, cume, billing leaders, transactions<br>Annual average ratings for each station<BR>Over 100 markets profiled</center> Duncan's American Radio Trilogy: Ratings trends by market 1975-2004 <center><h2>R&R Ratings Editions</h2><hr><h1>1980 -2009</h1> <hR> Ratings summaries from Fall and Spring.<BR>Share trending and demo rankers<br>Formats and ownership data</center> R&R
Radio Directory
Ratings: Books and publications about the development and process of rating radio.
Channels of Communication
Insightful magazine about television content and society
<center><h2>Panorama TV<br></h2><hr><h3>1981 - 1982 </h3><hR>In depth consumer <br>TV magazine <BR>"Think Pieces" and analysis<BR>of TV programming</center><br> Panorama TV
1981-1982 consumer focused in depth magazine about the TV industry
<center><h2>Broadcast <br>Programming<br>and Promotion</h2><hr> Published in the 70s<BR>Production and technology<BR>Programming and Market Profiles</center> Broadcast Programming
& Production

from the 70's

1986-1987 Profiles of major markets with station formats and histories from Rollye Bornstein
<center><h3>* Arbitron *<br><br>Documents and Reports</h3><hr>Description of Methodolgy<br>Market Ranks & Population<br>PPM Methodology<br>Hispanic Radio Annual Reports<br>Other Arbitron Papers and Publications Nielsen documents and reports. Description of PPM <center><h2>Hooperatings<br>Crossley Ratings</h2><hR><h3>National Network Ratings</h3><hR>1946-1948<hR>Also:<br>Early Arbitron Pulse Hooper<br>Local market ratings<br>And a 1950 Hooper Radio-TV Comparison<br></center> Hooper Crossley Pulse ARB Ratings 1935 to 1970's <center><h3>Puerto Rico radio ratings</h3><hr>Birch, Pulse, Asesores<br>1970's annd 1980's<br></center> Ratings
Puerto Rico
 <center><h2>Radio Station Music Testing</h2><hr><h3>A tour of a real music test</h3><hr>See how radio stations test the songs<br>they play on the air via Auditorium Music Tests<br>Pictures of a test and examples of implementation
Music Testing by Radio Stations. A "tour" of an auditorium music test.
<center><h2>US Hispanic Radio Formats </h2><hr><h3><i>In Depth Format Descriptions</i></h3><hr>A guide to the common music generes <br>and programming formats<br>heard on Spanish language radio<br> on the US Mainland<hr>Regional Mexican<br>CHR / Pop / Rhythmic<br>Tropical varieties<br>Oldies / Adult Hits<br>All with extensive music samples<br></center> U.S. Hispanic
Radio Format
Music Guide to "Spanish radio"
with audio samples
Arbitron historical documents. Methodology, market definitions, Radio USA books        
Stations, Networks & Programs Top
Radio Station Albums
Promotional booklets, albums
and brochures for individual stations.
Radio At War
Station booklets with war information and station profiles from W.W. II
  Station Books
Full  history of some major stations like WOR, WNEW and WLW and others.  
  Network Publications
Books, pamphlets and other material by or about radio and TV networks 
Related Publications
Booklets and brochures related to the broadcast industry
KMA 'Guide'
Shenandoah, IA 1944 to 1963.

Listener magazine
32 issues
WLS Family Album
1930 to 1957.

All editions plus
several  other WLS albums / brochures
WLS 'Stand By'
Chicago, IL

Bi-monthly listener magazine. 30's and 40's. 175 issues available
KWTO "Dial"
Springfield, MO.
from 1940 to the 1950's
WOW News Tower
Monthly newspaper from WOW in Omaha, Nebraska
CKY Winnipeg Manitoba
"Manitoba Calling
" from 1939 to 1948.
WHB Kansas City's "Swing" magazine. Full 9-year print run.
Round Up
From Topeka, KS beginning in 1945
  Don McNeil's Breakfast Club. Morning entertainment show.
Several annual albums  
The Storer Story
Storer Broadcasting's employee magazine
Bismarck, ND
Over 30 issues
Radio Station
post cards.
A variety of cards with hi-rez view option.
KWFT Listener
Late 40's station magazine from Wichita Falls, TX.
KTWV "The Wave"
Los Angeles, CA Music magazines from 1988 to 2001
CBS Radio Network Program Schedules 1937- 1946
<center><h2>FM Guide <br><br>New York City</h2><hr><h3>Listener Magazine</h3><br>Program Schedules<br>Station Ads and Articles<br>1960's and 1970's</center> City Radio Magazines Local magazines  Chicago, LA,
New York, DC, Nashville
<center><h3>NBC News and<br> Information Network</h3><hR>All News Network 1975-77<BR>200 page sales presentation<BR>Complete affiliate list<br>Many station testimonials<BR>/<center> NBC's 1975  syndicated all news format. Full presentation. <center><h3>* The Origin of Top 40 *<br><br><i>KOWH Omaha</i></h3><hr>Often considered the original Top 40 Station<br>read the story<br> And listen to MP3's<hr>Check the references, too!<br>
KOWH is often called the first Top 40 station. Here is the story. Coverage Maps
Engineering and promotional coverage maps by state.
Magazines Directories Technical Audio Logs
& Lists
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Stations Book-
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Canada, Australia & Latin America    Top
<center><h3>My Radio Station Photos: 1963</h3><hr>Stations in Central America and Colombia.<br>See a wide range of stations in major cities like Mexico City,<br>Guatemala City, San Salvador, Tegucigalpaa,<br>Managua, San Jose, Panamá City,<br>and Cali, Medellín, Bogotá and Barranquilla.<br>The link picture is your webmaster inside<br>the XEW 250,000 watt transmitter in Mexico City. </center> My radio photos. Stations in Latin America in 1963 <center><h3>Canadian Radio Annual</h3><hr> 1947-1948<br>Directory of radio and broadcasting<br>Stations and broadcast suppliers<br>Station staff and facilities<b</center> Canadian Radio Yearbook 1947-1948  <center><h3>Broadcasting and Television Yearbook</h3><hr>Australia 1968<br>Station facilities and staff<br>for radio and TV.<br>Program and service providers.<br></center> Australian Broad-
casting Yearbook

1968 and
Canadian Radio Year Book and Who's Who
<center><h2>Broadcaster Canada</h2><hr>Trade Publication from Canada<br> Seeking more issues<hr>Please help build this collection<BR>with contributions of magazines <br>or discovery of sources for the journals<BR> Broadcaster Canada
Industry news magazine.
New addition.
CBC 50th Anniversary Radio Guide special edition BBC Year Book
From 1928 by the British Broadcasting Corporation
Wireless World from the U.K.
1913 to 1984
Canadian Communication Foundation
History of Radio in Canada
Cámara Mexicana de la Indistria de Radio y Telvision Do you have issues and publications that we are missing? Please contact the webmaster!    
This Website    Top
<center><h3>Scanners Used On This Site</h3><hr> Details on the scanning technology<br>used on this website AMERICAN RADIO

How scanning and page processing is done.
<center><h3>The reasons why I started</h3><hr>this website<br>and some caveats of importance. AMERICAN RADIO

Why this
Website was created. 
our site
<center><h2>Radio World Feature Article</h2><hr><h3>AmericanRadioHistory.Com</h3><hr><img src="Archive-Graphic-elements/RadioWorldPic1.jpg"> Radio World
article about this site from the December, 2012 edition.   
  The Facebook page has the latest news about new additions to this site!  <center><h3>* This Website's Conditions of Use *<br><br><i>Content is copy protected<br>Use like a library</h3><hr>Please observe and follow these rules<br>All documentes are copy protected<br> You may not print or save<br>This allows me to present these documents<br>just as your local library would.<br> Conditions
of Use 
<center><h3>* Contact the Webmaster *<br><br><i>Send an eMail</h3><hr>Report bad links<br>and other errors<br>Make suggestions<br>Offer publications in your collection<br>for loan, sale or donation<br> Feedback: Errors, comments
Sister Website & Recommended Sites   Top
<center><h2>David Gleason on the Web</h2><hr>My personal website with full illustrated bio,<br>Sections on ratings and radio formats and research.<br>Pictures from my positions in Cleveland, Miami, Los Angeles,<br>Birmingham, Pnoenix, Quito, Perú, Argentina,<br>Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and more. </center> David

on the web.
My biography and "ego wall" pages 
<center><h2>Radio Insight</h2><hr>Radio Message Board<br> <hr>For listeners and professionals<hr>Comments about trends, stations and formats<BR>Gossibe and fan questions<br>Fascinating dialogue <BR>And good debates!<br> Radio INSIGHT
Radio message board. 
Associated Site: DFW Radio Archives.
Facinating profile of a major market.
Faded Signals  "stories behind the news" including many based on ads from this site's publications.
  The History of UHF Television. "Those channels above 13 no one could receive" Drake Chenault: Tribute site for a leading program syndicator by its DoE. Television cameras were the Eyes Of A Generation; this is Television history the way they saw it.
Jim Ramsburg's weekly list
of major events in the
Golden Age of radio.
Magazines Directories Technical Audio Logs
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