Station Promotion    
  Booklets, Brochures, Presentations, Rate Cards and other sales promotion items
A collection of radio and TV station promotional items including sales and community relations pieces
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WRVA Richmond
"Dialog" station promotional mailers from 1952
(Sept & Oct)
WPDQ Jacksonville FL
Sales brochure
Detroit, MI
Country format
Sales Brochure
Promotional Items
WNOE New Orleans DJ Profiles        
"Can America do too much for You"
WGN Chicago and Ward Quaal
WESR Tasley, VA sales promotion brochure. Trans World Radio superpower brochure... 1 million watts!
FM 92 - WCMQ AM&FM in Miami. Radio Santa María
Dominican Repoublic 1970
KNX Reporter from 1981. Station promo newsletter with info on whole market.
WJIB Boston
Summer 1973
Program Bulletin
Cleveland, OH
Promotional brochure
WRGN, Hunlock Creek, PA station news magazine.
WMUU Greenville, SC. Program Guide November, 1976 WMUU Greenville, Demographic Survey. WMBG Transmitter, a magazine from Richmond, VA from 1938
WMAR New Tower
for Baltimore, MD
  WMAR-TV Baltimore. 4th Anniversary in 1951    WDTF Christian Radio for Raleigh-Durham in 2000. 
  KHVH, Kaiser Broadcasting, Honolulu.  
1961 Brochure
  KCBC "New Station" newspaper from 1947 innauguration.   CFYN Sault Ste. Marie, ON, new building souvenir booklet.
  CJGX Yorkton, Sask 50th Anniversary 1977    James Richardson & Sons announce shortwave VE9CL in Winnipeg joining 3 other stations in 1931.     CKAP Kapuskasing ON goes on the air in 1965.  
KSTP Minneapolis 1936 Marketing brochure. CHOO Ajazx, Ontario promotional booklet KBTR Denver
DJs, news, sponsors, coverage.
KFKX Hastings, NE Westinghouse repeater station one-sheet  from 1920's KSTP Minneapolis 1937 Marketing brochure KSTP Minneapolis 1943 station newspaper
The Gene Autrey Story. A profile from his Golden West Broadcasting
1965 issue of KEWB, Oakland, CA station newspaper from its Top 40 era. KRAB and KSER
Newsletters from
early 1990's
WKDW - An amazing #1 AM Daytimer!  Courtesy of Jerry Clegg KCBS San Francisco 1960 Sales Brochure. Single Issue of LA Radio Guide
December, 1988
WMAL Washington Sales Presentation   WRC - A Capitol Classic sales brochure.   WHFS
Washington early stereo station program guide
I am WTOP. A brochure from WTOP TV in Washington, DC. KFSD San Diego May 1958 station magazine "Tele-Log" KOBY Reno sales brochure.
Behind the Scenes at the Milwaukee Journal and Radio City. WTMJ brochure WAAX Gadsden AL "Fact File" sales brochure. WDVM TV brochure "Washington in Motion"
The story of the WBBM TV building in Chicago WEUP Huntsville AL sales brochure WISN Milwaukee sales brochure.
WJXT Jacksonville FL sales brochure WTOP News Radio brochure WTOP AM News Radio brochure from 1970
WTOP TV  coverage and market data folder WUSA Washington, DC sales promotion brochure WOR New York sales
presentation folder with talent profiles and rate card from 1978.