Panorama TV Magazine
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Panorama TV
Magazine was a 17-issue short-lived magazine from Triangle (the TV Guide folks) featuring in-depth articles about TV without the artist-and-gossip content found in most magazines.
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Panorama, a monthly magazine about television aimed at the affluent reader concerned with the quality and impact of the medium, will cease publication with its June issue, it was announced yesterday by Triangle Publications, its parent and publisher of TV Guide. The unexpected demise of Panorama, which was introduced with ebullient hope in February 1980, was attributed by Triangle's chairman, Walter H. Annenberg, to a dearth of reader interest. ''Our subject matter proved successful in attracting advertising,'' Mr. Annenberg said in a prepared statement, ''but circulation results proved beyond doubt that few readers were interested in our editorial content.''  (New York Times, April 4, 1981)