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11-24-17 Short Wave News Added January, February, March of 1947
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added corrected versions of April 1975, April 1970, May 1979  aqnd Feb, 1951
11-23-17 Audels Electric Library Added volumes I, III, IV and XII to complete the 12-volume library. Note that there are different publication dates for some of the volumes, indicating reprint editions.
Science and Invention Added August and October, 1927 of this technology and future-predicting magazine from Hugo Gernsback.
  Tape Recording Added all but 4 of the missing issues from 1953 to 1963, and replaced most of the earlier scans.
  Radio Added March, April and June of 1935
11-20-17 Billboard Added the April 25, 1960 second section: Record Industry Sourcebook and Directory.
11-18-17 Practical Wireless Added the issues frrom February, 1935 combined in one file for full month.
  Beitman Manuals Added the 1950 TV diagrams issue.
  Short Wave News Added December 1946
  Telsen Radiomag Added issues 2 of 5 of this short-lived publication issued by the UK component manufacturer Telsen.
  Billboard Added a coppy of June 20, 1964's issue with all pages.
  Radio Retailer & Jobber Added a new page for this radio trade journal which began in 1922. Just one issue has been located thus far.
  Wireless World Added all 5 weekly issues from July 1930 in a single file.
11-17-17 Cornell Dublier Capacitor Added over 90 more issues of the "Capacitor" from this leading manufacture of, naturally, capacitors.
  Radio Progress Added May 15, 1924 and a complete copy of December 1, 1924
  Audels Electric Library Added 8 of the 12-volume Audels Electric Library, and encyclopedia covering everything electrical and electronic from motors to generators to wiring and radio and TV. These vlumes are reprints from the 40's, but the original publication was dated in the 20's. The entire set is searchable! The volumes have some wonderful illustrations.
11-16-17 Bookshelf: Biography Added "A Conqueror of Space: Lee De Forest" which is an early bio of the inventor by Corneal and published in 1930.
  Forecast FM Added February and June 1970 to the collection of this Washington, DC, FM program guide, hi-fi and cultural magazine.
  Short Wave News Added November 1946
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added "Simplicity of Radio" by Powell Cosley, the noted radio manufacturer and founder of WLW from 1930
  Bookshelf: Business Added "A Common Sense Guide to Professional Advertising" by Laveal from 1973, "How to Sell Radio Advertising" by Willin from 1968 and "Broadcast Station Operating Guide" by Robinson from 1968 and "Dimensions of Broadcast Editorializing" by Routt from 1974
11-15-17 Billboard Added June 24, 1939 and April 25, 1964 "Rack Jobber" section and the Oct 2, 1948 Disc Jockey section.
  Popular Electricity Added full copy of Nov 1908 replacing the content-only version that was on the site.
  Electronic Engineering Added Sept, Oct, Nov 1942 and Sept, Oct 1943 and Sept 1944
11-14-17 Electronic Engineering Added Kim. Kiñu. Dec 1946 and Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Aug 1943
  Disc Magazine Added three issues from February 1962
11-13-17 Television Age Added August to December, 1967 of this every-two-weeks publichation.
  Billboard Added March 28, 1964 "Music On Campus" section II.
  Short Wave News Added June, July and August of 1946
  RCA Broadcast News Added Issue 25 from July, 1937. The collection is now complete (except for some missing pages in # 39). This is one of the first 5 titles we began the site with, and it has taken 12 year to complete the collection!
11-12-17 Disc Magazine Added all issues from February, 1960
Maplin Electronics Added December 1986 - February 1987 combined three month (quarterly) issue.
  Short Wave News Added October, 1946 issue
  Electronic Engineering Added Jan and March of 1942
11-10-17 Disc & Music Echo Added Jan 9 and Jan 16 of 1971
  Electronic Engineering Added Oct, Nov, Dec 1941
11-8-17 Cornell Dublier Capacitor A monthly magazine from the leading capacitor manufactruer for the electronics industry.
  KMA Guide Added 12 additional issues of the KMA Guide from the famous Shenandoah, Iowa station. They are marked with a red arrow
  Short Wave News Added March and May of 1946
  Electronics Today (ETI) Added another 6 issues of the Canadian edition from 1983 and 1984. Also added Canadian special editions "CB Radio" and 1983 "Summer Top 50".
  Disc Magazine Added January issues from 1959, 1960 and 1964 to the growing collection of this UK pop music magazine.
11-7-17 Short Wave News Added February, 1946
  Television Age Added January to July issues from 1968 and July, August and September of 1966
  Electronics Today (ETI) Part 2: Added another 15 of the Canadian edition ranging from 1983 to 1987, as well as the Canadian Projects Book #2, the 1980 Summer Hobby Projects book and the Canadian Summer Circuit File.
  Disc Magazine Added January issues from 1961 and 1962 as well as the first three issues from 1958
  Bookshelf: Professional Aded "Television Techniques" by Bettinger from 1947, "TV Jeebies" by Ritts from 1951 and "All About Broadcasting" from 1942 and "Your Career in TV and Radio" by Gordon from 1966
  Electronics Today (ETI) Added 19 issues from 1979 to 1982 of the Canadian edition of this title. They are in the list in red lettering, and have very different content from the UK and Australian editions.
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added "WIreless at Sea: The First 50 Years" by Hancock from 1950
  Bookshelf : United Kingdom Added the Daily Mail "Television Guide", a basic explanation of TV.
  Wireless Magazine Added August 1931
  Electronic Engineering Added August, 1941 to the collection of this sucessor to the UK's Television magazine.
11-6-17 Wireless Constructor Added April 1928
  Disc Magazine Added the first 13 issues of Disc, a UK music magazine with charts and artist features.
  Billboard Added July 1. 8 and 15 from 1939
  Short Wave News Added a section for this UK amateur and short wave publication which began in 1948.
  Continental Varian Added the full line catalog for 1989
11-5-17 Maplin Electronics Added issues from Dec, 1982 and Juna and Sept of 1983.
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added June, 1992
  Gates FM transmitters Added the 1873 manual for the FM-20-H3 20 kw FM transmitter and its TE3 exciter, as well as the 1971 version of the manual for the FM.40-H3 40 kw transmitter.
  Science & Invention Added June 1926
  Music Vendor| Added Sept 26, 1960 issue of this predecessor to Record World.
  Wireless Constructor Added September 1925 and January, 1927.
11-4-17 Radio Daily Added full year of 1944 and more issues from 1942 and 1943. In all cases, the individual daily issues from each month are in PDF files containing the whole month's worth of editions.
11-3-17 Wireless Constructor Added June 1926
  Popular Electricity in Plain English Added a new page with all issues of this 1908 to 1914 magazine which endeavored to simply explain and describe all things electrical. Most of these issues are original scans from a purchase of over 50 issues in "very good" condition.
11-2-17 Radio Retailing /
Electronic Technician
Added 11 issues of Electronic Technician from 1960 and 1961, as well as the 1961 Stereo special (listed in the left-hand sidebar).
11-1-17 Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Apr May, Aug of 1992
  db Sound Engineering Added December 1968 and April 1979, the only issues we were still missing from the 60's and 70's in our collection. Issues courtesy of Donald Butts.
  Modern Wireless Added September 1925 (corrected error of year)
  Billboard Added a complete issue from March 29, 1969, including the Memphis special section.
Also added Oct 15, 1938, July 29, 1939, Feb 4, 1939, Mar 18, 1939 and Feb 18, 1939.
  International Television Almanac Added 2003 edition.
  Electronic Servicing and Electronic Servicing & Technology Added 17 issues of these sucessor titles to the original PF Index / PF Reporter.
  Electronic Servicing Added missing issues from 1979 and they are marked with red arrows.
  Popular Communications Added two issues from 1998, and they are highlighted with red arrows.
  RCA Catalogs Added the manual for the BTE-10-B 10 watt FM exciter from the 1950's
  Radio Retailing Added complete years of 1928 and 1929. The entire period from 1925 to 1940 is now missing just two issues.
  Radio Logs & Lists Added the 1975 "Wheelers Radio Guide" prepared for travelers by the Wheelers Resorts and Campgrounds chain.
  Radio Vision Added the Aug 9, 1947 issue of this Canadian program guide and listener magazine.
10-31-17 Wireless Weekly Added all issues from December, 1925 consolidated into a single PDF
10-30-17 KWTO Dial Added four issues from September to December of 1951 of the station magazine of this Springfield, MO, station.
Maplin Electronics
Added Project Books 7 and 29 from Maplein.
  Movie Radio Guide Added August 29, 1942
  Radio Daily Added July, August, September and December, 1942
10-28-17 Wireless Weekly Added 5 weekly issues from Jan, Mar and May 1925 and a sigle PDF with all the November issues.
  Television Factbook Added editions from 1991 and 1997
  International Musician Added a section for the publication of the American Federation of Musicians. Our focus will be on the period of the 30's to the 50's when the AFM had a profound influence on radio and broadcasting.
  Television Radio Life Added the May 1 1953 issue.
10-26-17 Radio Retailing Added January 1935
  Wireless World Added the issues for November 1930 in a single file. Also added complite month of December, 1930.
10-25-17 Radio Retailing Added 34 issues from 1925, 1926 and 1927, including January, 1925, the first issue published. These were in fine condition, and produced wonderful scans!  We will be adding nearly all issues from 1928 and 1929, as well. Look for them early next week!
10-24-17 Wireless Weekly Added entire set of June 1924 issues, as well as single issue for July 2 and Oct 8 of that year.
  Billboard Added Aug 5 of 1939
10-22-17 Radio Lists & Logs Added the "Radio Station Finder" from November, 1927. This shows the latest FRC updates following the massive frequency reassignments.
Also added the "Zion Radio Log and Call Book" from 1925, published by the oeprators of  the Chicago area's WCBD
  Television & Radio Life Added the December 25, 1954 issue of this LA area radio, TV and fan magazine. Also added May 4 and May 24 of 1941 when content was  only radio
  Radio Dial Added May 6 1938 for this Cincinnati area program guide published in the 30's
10-21-17 Billboard Added the April 8, 1967 Music on Campus "part 2" issue.
  Wireless Weekly Added April and May of 1924
10-20-17 Service Added April, 1944
  Television Age Added issues from the first half of 1966
10-19-17 Talking Machine & Radio Weekly Added the first 6 months of 1930 of this phonograph, recorded music and radio retailing magazine which began in 1916 as "Phonography".
  Audio Added 40 issues from 1997 to 2000. They are highlighted in blue with underligning.
  Wireless Weekly Added February and March of 1924 as well as three individual issues from July of 1923.
  Radio Daily Added October and November of 1942.
  Australasian Radio World Added the February, 1946 issue
  Radio Advertsing for Retailers Added this 1945 book from the Harvard University Press with case studies of the use of radio by retailers. Sponsored by CBS.
  Coyne's Television Cyclopedia Added this reference book on TV technology from 1951.
  Maplin Projects Added Project Book #3 from 1991 from Maplin Electronics in the UK
10-17-17 The Infinite Dial Added all editions of Edison Research's "The Infinite Dial" study of listening habits, including new media platforms. 2007-2017.
  Radio Daily Added July to December of 1943. Interesting reading about radio in the War years with both expanded FM and TV on the horizon.
10-16-17 Practical Wireless Added September and October of 1939
  Wireless Weekly Added June 1923
10-14-17 Practical Wireless Added full set of January 1940 issues.
10-12-17 Practical Wireless Added Jan 1941 and a full issue of September 1941
  Monitoring Times: Grove Catalogs Added 13 Grove catalogs of communications gear. Grove's owner also published "Monitoring Times"
  Wireless Magazine Added December, 1928
  Billboard Added August 12, 1939
  FCC Internal Regulations 1989
FCC Rules Updated to 1989
FCC AM FM TV Standards
Added three large binders of FCC Rules and Internal Regulations. One has the internal procedures of the FCC, another has the FCC Rules and the third contains the standards for AM, FM and Television.
Look for these under "1989"
10-11-17 Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added May, 1998
  Marconi Review Added issues from 1954 to 1956
  Short Wave Listener (UK) Addeed June 1951
10-10-17 Radio Retailing Aadded Radio Retailing isse from June 1927
  Practical Wireless Added all issues from December, 1932 in a single file.
10-9-17 Short Wave Listener Added three issues from 1948 and 1951 and they are market with
  Radio Retailing Added Oct 1928
  Television & Short Wave Added Feb Jun July 1935 and Jan 1936 and Jun 1940
  Practical Wirreless Added 1932-1933 index issue
10-07-17 Radio Retailing Added 4 issues from 1926 to 1928. They are market with
10-06-17 Radio Age Added Feb 1923, completing this collection
  Talking Machine World Extended collection, with complete search intexing, out to 1928.
10-05-17 Wireless World Added complete month of October, 1930 in a single file with all that month's issues combined.
  Talking Machine World Added issues through June of 1925, and they are all searchable.
10-04-17 Talking Machine World Added issues from 1905 to 1920 of this magazine about the gramophone and music industries.The issues are searchable.
10-02-17 Beitman Essential TV Added the 1964, 1966. 1968 TV schematics and service guides.
  Billboard Added August 19, 1939
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added February, 1992
  Television Radio Age Added Sept 7, 1970. Included is an interesting article about early successes in FM with Beautiful Music featuring Marlin Taylor.
  Modern Wireless Added the Mar, 1927 issue
  Practical Wireless Added all the November 1932 issues combined in a single file.
  Maplin Electronics Added Apr, May, Christmas and Velleman kit issues from 1988 and Apr 2001
10-1-17 Rider Successful Servicing Added further issues for 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952 and 1953
  James Caesar Petrillo Added a section with books, articles and links about the controversial head of the American Federation of Musicians from 1940 to 1958
9-29-17 Rider Successful Servicing Added many issues from 1942, 1956, 1947, and 1948
9-28-17 General Electric Added the manual for the 50 KW Hight Channel TV Amp
  Wireless World Added complete set of September, 1930 issues in a single file. Also added single issues of Oct 1 and Oct 15 from that year
9-27-17 Tape Recording Added Feb 1965,Apr, May Sep Oct 1960, Jan, Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Ocvt Nov 1961, Oct 1962, Feb Jun 1963
  NRI Home Study Added the 1936 home study electronics and service course
  RCA Microphones Added 7 data sheets / instructions  from 1933 to 1956, courtesy of Art Holt. Also added is a 1960 sales flyer for microphones
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "Did You Whittinghill This Morning?" about radio personality Dick Whittinghill.
  WIRE Country Added a new section with 12 issues of the 60's era "WIRE Country" monthly magazine from WIRE in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  Miscellaneous Publications A new page for single issues or one-time publications from the United Kingdom. The first addition is the 1931/32 Eddytstone Short Wave Manual
  Electronics Today International Added 5 issues from the period 1980 to 1986. They are highlighted with the red arrow symbol
  General Electric Added the GE booklet from 1944 "How Electronic Tubes Work".
  Television Radio Life Added the March 3, 1950 issue which has the 7th Annual Achievement Awards for the Southland. Also added Aug 30, and Feb 8, 1958.
  Radio Television Journal Added the October 1951 issue to the Radio Journal / Radio Television Journal collection. This magazine began in 1922, but we need many, many of the early issues to expand our collection.
  Electronic Servicing Added Feb, Nov 1971, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Nov 1972, April, Dec 1973 and Feb 1974 and Dec 1977
  Wireless World Added Jan and Nove 1987, the year after the magazine changed its name to "Electronics & Wireless World.
9-27-17 Telsen Radio Magazine Added a complete issue of the first edition, including the blueprint pages
9-25-17 Electronics Digest Added first five issues from the 1980's of this UK hobbyist and experimenter's magazine
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added November, 1991
  Practical Wireless Replaced Vol 1 No 1 with a complete issue including the covers and the "blueprints".
9-24-17 Rider Successful Servicing Added 10 issues from 1949 to 1953
  Massey Training Added parts of a 1958 electronics servicing course
  Motorola Added a 1960 2-Way radio training course, including sections on FM theory.
  Coast FM Added the October 1972 issue of this Los Angleles radio and arts magazine. This issue includes a long feature article about Los Angeles radio.
  Western Electric Added a booklet about the WE line of tranistors and diodes
  Indian Listener Added the second issue of The Indian Listener, the offical program guide for Indian radio published from 1935 until 1958 (when it changed name)
  Practical Electronics Added Jul 1976, Jun 1977 and Jul 1978. This completes all issues fromt he first 15 years of this title.
  Billboard Added Aug 26, 1939
  Bookshelf: Professional Added a career guide book, "Let's Visit a Television Station" from 1988; this is a view of a station in the late videotape pre-digital era.
  Modern Wireless Added Nov 1931
  Wireless Magazine Added Sept 1926
9-23-17 Practical Electronics Added Mar 1976 and Dec 1977
9-20-17 Billboard Added the Tape Guide Section II of the 1963 Oct 26 issue.
  Practical Electronics Added Aug Oct 1968
  Radio News Added a new scan of the May 1949 issue; the old copy was missing over 20 pages.
  Radio Life Added three issues of "Radio TV Life" from the 50's: May 4 and Dec 21 1957 and April 12, 1958
  White's Radio Log Added December, 1938 issue
  Radio Vision Added the February, 1947 issue of this program guide and listener magazine.
  Tape Recording Added Nov 1963
  Television & Short Wave Added the May, 1935 issue of this UK publication.
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists Added the 1926 Newark Evening News radio logbook and guide to radio.
  Electronic Technician / Dealer Added Oct  Nov 1975. Mar Nov 1976 Oct 1977
  Channels Aded Oct-Nov 1981, Dec 1981/Jan 1982 and Feb-Mar 1982
  Audio Added Aug 1981; Feb 1983; Apr 1984
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added May and Oct, 1991 and Jan 1992
9-17-17 World Radio Added Apr 22, 1927, July 8, 1927, Nov 15, 1929
  Marconi Review Added 78 issues of the Marconi Wireless Radio Company's "Marconi Review" ranging from 1928 to 1960. The collection includes the complete first period from 1928 to 1939.
  Sylvania Service Added additional issues from 1943 as well as collections for the years 1944 and 1945
9-16-17 Maplin Electronics Added Feb, May, Jun, Jul of 1997 thanks to Barry Crocombe.
  Bookshelf: History Added "Fourty Years of Advertising" by N. W. Ayer from 1909.
  Arbitron / Nielsen Added 2017 Nielsen Metro Survey map
  Arbitron / Nielsen Added State of the Media / Audio Today 2017
  Radio Logbooks Added "An All Wave Radio Primer" from General Electric with an explanation of shortwave radio and a partial logbook
9-14-17 Wireless Magazine Added May 1931
  The Crypt Added sets of FCC applications for KEST-TV in Big Springs, TX, for KLAS TV in Las Vegas and for Channel 13 antena modifications in Las Vegas.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "The Television Man: the story of John Baird" by Rowland. This is the biography of an early inventor and television experimenter.
  Practical Electronics As has been noted, quite a few issues of this title were missing content and the advertising pages and diagrams. Oct and Apr 1965 and Jun 1966 have been replaced with full copies.
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added "The People Look at Television: A study of audience attitudes" by Steiner.
  Wireless World Replaced Jan and Feb 1918 with a scan including covers and advertisements.
9-13-17 World Radio Added Nov 19, 1937
9-11-17 Billboard Added Sept 23 Sept 30 1939
  International Television Almanac Added 1987, 2011, 2012, 2013. 2014
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Mar Apr 1991
  World Radio Added Feb 14, 1936 of this BBC publicztion.
  Maplin Electronics Added Feb 2001 and Projects Book #6
9-10-17 Audio Added nearly 40 issues from the 70's and 80's
  Hobbyist Special Editions Added the Popular Electronics "Experimenter's Handbook" for 1962
9-7-16 Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Mar 1958 May 1969 Mar Aug Sep Nov 1971 Jan 1983 Nov 1986. This collection is now complete from March 1937 to March 1987, thanks to the considerable efforts of Peter Merriman.
9-6-17 Coverage Maps Added over 1000 coverage maps from all states in the USA and most provinces of Canada. Some are purely promotional, while others are precise engineering studies. All demonstrate the use of these maps by radio stations over many decades.
9-5-17 Sylvania Service Added over 100 issues of this publication, adding the late 40's to the early 70's to the collection.
  Station Promotional
Added 12 station brochures, including the 6th Anniversary booklet from Los Angleles area heavy metal KNAC and a pitch for modern country from WDEE in Detroit.
  Bookshelf: History Now have both the 1960 and the 1967 editions of Settel's "Pictorial History of Radio".
  Gates Criterion Cartridge Tape equipment Added the manuals for two generations of the Gates Criterion cart system. One is from 1966, soon after the purchase from ATC, and the other from around 1980 when the model was updated.
  Gates Catalog Added the 1953 general transmitter and audio catalog with price list.
Equipment Catalogs Added the 1990 Channel Master antenna catalog
  RCA Consumer Added the catalog titled Radio and Tape Products. Shows the huge variety of radios, clock radios and tape recorders all produced by RCA..
  General Electric Added the brochure for the 1868 TT-62-A 100 kw UHF transmitter.
  Western Electric Added the 1933 manual for the 81-A amplifier. We also have the 1934 sales brochure for this unit.
Added the 1933 Vacuum Tubes for use with Amateur Radio
  Bookshelf: Professional Added the 1946 Moody Bible Institure "Manual of Gospel Broadcasting"
  Network Publications Added a 1955 NBC publication, "Broadcasting and the News".
  Amateur Wireless (UK) Added April 21 and Aug 4, 1923 and May 24 1924
9-3-17 Electrical Experimenter In a rare find, we obtained the entire set of Volume II of Electrical Experimenter, from May of 1914 to April of 1915. This was an early Hugo Gernsback magazine dealing with electrical and electronic technology.
  Science and Invention Added December of 1925 and May of 1926 of this publication which "took over" from Electrical Experimenter in 1920.
  Billboard Added the complete edition of the March 7, 1964 issue and also replaced the April 18, 1970 issue which had been incomplete.
  Radio & Records Added 10 issues to the R&R collection from 2005, 2008 and 2009. They are highlighted with blue text.
9-2-17 Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Feb Jun 1939, Apr 1969, Feb 1968, Nov 1972, Apr 1983, May 1990
  Amateur Wireless (UK) Added Oct 28 1922
  Wireless World Added two missing issues each from July and September and all the issues (in one file) for August 1930. All are highlighted with arrows All are courtesy of Dave Wombwell
  RCA Service News Added a new section for the RCA newsletter for radio servicing and sales professionals.
  Maplin Projects Added issues #1 and #25 of the Maplin Projects publications.
  Practical Wireless Added the 5 issues from December 1939 in a single file.
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