Bookshelf: Bernards' and Babani Books
  A wide assortment of hobbyist and constructor's books from a significant UK publisher
05 Handbook of Simple Transistor Circuits 81 Using Ex Service Radio Apparatus 151 Transistor Circuits Manual 2
09 Practical Tested Diode Circuits 85 Miniature Radio Equipment Construction Manual 156 Transistor Circuits Manual 1
11 Practical Transistor Novelty Circuits 86 The Midget Radio Construction Manual 160 Coil Design and Construction
17 Handbook of Radio Receiver Construction 91 Handbook of Radio Circuits No 3 160 Coil Design And Construction Manual
21 Manual of Science 94 Practical Circuits.Manual 163 Manual de Circuitos Transistorizatdos
22 Handbook of Radio Circuits 94 Crystal Set Construction 163 Transistor Circuits Manual 2
23 Practical Electronics Projects 96 Radio For Beginners (Book 1) 167 Eleven Tested Transistor Circuits Using Prefabricated Circuit Units
26 Radio Antenna Handbook for Long Distance 97 One Valve Recievers 168 Transistor Circuits Manual No.4
27 Fighter Controller 99 Practical Car Radio Handbook 171 Super Sensitive Transistorised Pocket Radio
29 Did This Really Happen 101 Three Valve Receivers 173 Practical Transistor Audio Amplifiers for the Home Constructor
43 Modern Radio Test Gear Construction 104 Four Valve Circuits 174 Transistor Subminiature Receivers Handbook
48 Radio Coil And Transformer 107 Constructors Handbook Of Germanium Circuits 176 Transistor Audio.Amplifier Manual
49 Popular Electronic Projects 115 Practical Superheterodyne Manual 177 Modern Transistor Circuits forBeginners
52 Radio Tuner Unit Manual 119 Radio Pocket Book 179 Transistor Circuits Manual
58 50 Circuits Using 7400 Series ICs 120 Audio Amplifier Construction 181 22 Tested.Circuits using Micro Alloy Transistors
61 Amateur Transmitters Constrution 120 Boys Book of Crystal Sets v12 183 How to Receive Foreign TV Programmes
66 Communications Receiver Manual 122 Boys Book of Crystal Sets v18 185 Tested Shortwave Circuits
69 Radio Inductance Manual 126 Practical Transistors and Transistor Circuits 186 Tested Superhet Circuits for Shortwave And Communications Receivers
71 Modern Battery Receivers 126 How To Make Ariels for TV 202 IC Eqivalents and Substitutes
72 Radio Experimental Circuits Manual 128 Practical Transistor Receiver 215 Shortwave Circuits and Gear for Experimenters and Radio Hams
73 Radio Test Equipment Manual 138 Practical Radio Inside.Out 218 Build Your Own Experimenters Laboratory
77 A Broadcast of Useful Data 148   221 28 Tested Transistor Projects
78 Radio and Television Laboratory Manual 150   222 Solid State Short Wave Receivers For Beginners
10 Modern Crystal and Transistor Set Circuits for Beginners   25 Simple Shorwave Broadcast Band Aerials   IC Projects
  Electronic Projects For Beginners   50 FET Projects   Multi Circuit Board Projects
02  Electronics Simplified Crystal Set Consturcion   Antennas For VHF and UHF Poole   Popular Electronic Circuits No 2
03 Handbook Tested Transistor Circuits   How to Build Advanced Short Wave Receivers   Popular Electronic Circuits
  25 Simple Indoor And Window Aerials   How To Make a Walkie Talkie   Radio Tube Encyclopaedia
  Short Wave Superhet Receiver Construction   Simple Short Wave Receiver Construction   Solid State Short Wave Recivers For Beginners
  The Superhet Handbook   Digital IC Projects Rayer    
All books courtesy of Graeme "Zim" Zimmer from Australia.