RCA Broadcast Equipment Catalogs & Manuals

   Radio transmitting and studio equipment

Catalogs, sales literature and Manuals from RCA including AM and FM transmitters and studio equipment

Manufacturers with their own pages for gear and manuals
Some catalogs do not have dates.
I have estimated a year or decade. If you can give me a more exact time, please use the "contact" button on the menu.
General Catalogs
1939 RCA Catalog with Prices
1940 RCA Catalog
1945 RCA Broadcast Audio Equipment
1948 RCA Catalog and price list
1950 RCA Broadcast Equipment
  RCA Radio TV Antennas
1955 RCA Audio Equipment
  RCA Transmitting Equipment w/ prices
1957 RCA Audio Equipment 3rd Edtion
1959 RCA General Catalog
1960 RCA Transmitting Equipment No 2 with Price list
1962 RCA 1962 Prices
  RCA Transmitting Equipment 3rd Edition
1954 RCA Price List (no catalog)
1962 RCA 5th Edition Catalog
1967 RCA General Catalog
  RCA Radio Broadcast Equipment
1968 RCA Audio
1970 AM-FM-Transmitting-Equipment
1972 RCA Audio Broadcast Equipment
1973 RCA Radio Equipment July 1973
1974 RCA Broadcast Transmitters for VHF
1976 RCA Broadcast Audio Equipment
1978 RCA Price List
Technical Publications
1953 Television Equipment Theory & Operation
A manual for TV following the lift of the TV freeze.
1933 RCA 44-BX
1934 RCA-50-A
1936 RCA-74-A
1938 RCA 88-A
1950 RCA-88A
1954 RCA-BK-5-A
1954 RCA 77 DX Mike manual
1956 RCA-44-A Instruction Manual
1960 Sales Flyer
Consumer Products
1970's Radio and Tape Products. Catalog of radios, clock radios and tape recorders.
Theatre Audio
1936 RCA Catalog 210
1937 Loudspeakers
? Article about Loudspeakers
? RCA Catalog 212
? RCA Catalog 218
? Photophone Deluxe Catalog
1947 MI6333C Speaker
1952 MI6437 Horn
RCA Broadcast
30's Remote Pickup Equipment OP-4
1932 RCA 1-C Transmitter manual
1933 RCA 41-B Amplifier brochure
1936 RCA ACT 200 Transmitter
1937 5 KW AM Transmitter 5D
1938 RCA Apex F-100 Transmitter
More Apex info HERE
  RCA Air Cooled Transmitting Tubes
40's BC-3B Console
  5-DX 5 KW AM transmitter
1941 RCA Transmitting & Special Purpose Tubes
  RCA Transmitting Tubes
1942 RCA Transmitting Tubes
1943 Guide for Transmitting Tubes
  Transmitting Tube Supplement 464
1946 RCA BTA 1 L Transmitter
  RCA 76-B2 Console complete manual
  RCA 70-C2 Turntable
  RCA-AR88 Communications Receiver
  RCA 76 B2-B4 Console
  RCA BC-2B Consolette
  RCA BN-1A Portable Remote Amplifier
1947 RCA BTF-50 50 kw FM transmitter
  RCA BTF 10B 10 kw FM Transmitter
1948 RCA 70 D Turntable
  RCA Sound Products
  RCA 76-C Consolette
  RCA BC 6 A Console
  RCA BC 6 B Console
  RCA Pylon UHF Antennas
  RCA Switching Console BCS 11 A
1949 Addenda to TV Field Pick-Up
50's BTE-10B FM Exciter manual
  RCA UHF Antenna Papers
1950 RCA Receiving Tubes
1953 RCA FCC Petion for Color TV standard
1956 RCA TV Transmitters
  RCA Transmitting Tubes
1957 RCA Test Equipment
  RCA Transmission Line
  RCA Professional TV Equipment
1959 Latest Developments in Stereof
60's RCA TP 35B 35mm Projector for TV
1960 RCA Video Effects
  New Products for 1960 - Many brochures
60's RCA UHF Antennas
1960 RCA Terminals
1961 RCA Film and Video
  Microphone Catalog
  TR-22 Video Recorder
  RCA Cartridge Tape equipment
1962 RCA 10 D  FM Transmitter
  RCA BT 1 R Transmitter
RCA Transmitting Equipment
  RCA Transmitting Tubes
1963 RCA Television Camera Equipment
  TSD-2B Microwave Sound Diplexing
1964 RCA TR-4 Television-Tape-Recorder manual
1966 RCA Test Equipment
  RCA FM Equipment
  UHF Transmitting Equipment
  RCA Television Tape Equipment & Prices
  RCA Television Camera Equipment
1968 Planning a new Radio Station AM / FM
1969 TM 27 Color Monitors
70's Era RCA Racks, Speakers, Misc
  Transmitters & Ampliphase Exciters
  Digital Overshoot Clipper
  Phasor and Field Strength Meters
  Panel Antenna for FM
  FM Transmitters
  AM Towers
  Coaxial Cable and Fittings
1973 RCA Sudio and Studio Equipment
  RCA Transmitting Equipment
1974 BC-7A Stereo Consolette
1975 RCA BTE 15A Exciter
  Broadcast Antenna Equipment
  AM-FM Radio Station Application Guide.
  RCA BTF 5E1 FM Transmitter