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<center><h3>RADEX <br>'The RAdio inDEX'</h3><hr>Published 1925 to 1942 <BR> Over 100 issues <BR> All are Searchable <br>by keywords <BR> Radex was the <br>listener's guide when <BR>there were fewer local <br>stations and much listening <br> was at night to skywave signals. <BR>US, Canada, Mexico <br>by frequency and location. <br> Great articles on radio listening.</center> <center><h3>White's Log and Station Lists</h3><hr>White's Stevenson Burgess, FBIS<BR>1923 to 1980's.<BR>Nearly 200 Radio Logs<BR> with  stations by frequency,<BR> location and call letters.<BR> FM and TV are included<BR> in later editions.</center> <center><h2>Citizen's Radio Callbook</h2><h3>Technolgy and station listings</h3><hr>1921 - 1932<hr>Very extensive listings of stations <BR>Technology articles<BR>Listener features</center> <center><h2>Short Wave Craft</h2><h3>Short Wave & Television</h3><hr>1930 to 1938 <br> Over 75 Issues<hr>Short wave radio<BR>Early Television<BR>Many diagrams <br>and illustrations<BR> <center><h3>FM Atlas 1970 - 2010</h3><hR> 20 of 21 total editions <BR> The late Dr Bruce Elving's  <BR>marvelous publication which plots <BR> every FM on maps  <BR>plus listings by frequency and  <BR>state & city including  <BR>formats and SCA.</center> <center><h3>The Vane A Jones</h3><h3>- North American -<br>-  Radio & Television -<br> Guide</h3><hr>Published 1957 to 1985 <BR>17 editions available. <BR>This was The DXer's <br>and station owner's <BR>favorite list of all <br>US Radio and TV stations. <BR>Includes Canada <br>Mexico Caribbean</center>
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