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Hamiton Report, Radio, Fred and others. Includes directories and other special editions
Tip sheets including The Hamilton Report, Fred and "Radio" are available on this page.

From the. first appearance of the Gavin Report in 1959 through today, radio stations have used Tip Sheets to see what is hot, what other stations are adding and who changed stations.

Here are a few samples of such publications. More will be added as they are discovered. Donations gladly and gratefully accepted, too.
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<center><h2>R&R<br><br>Radio & Records</h2><hr><h3>1973 - 2009 </h3><hR>Music and Radio programming <br>Industry news, Airplay charts<BR>Interviews, ratings, and station sales</center><br> <center><h2>The Gavin Report<br></h2><hr><h3>1958 - 2002 </h3><hR>Programming tip sheet <br>Radio & Music news <BR>Airplay charts<BR>Interviews</center><br>
R&R Magazine The Gavin Report
The Hamilton Report - Bob Hamilton
1976 Radio Quarterly  First Edition - Industry directory, market summaries
1973 Starship Radio Directory of music and radio with record companies, station and market profiles, charts
1972 Hamilton Report December 11, 1972
1973 Hamilton Report Year end issue 12-24-1973
1973 Hamilton Report February 5th issue
1973 Hamilton Report May 7th issue
1973 Hamilton Report May 14th issue
1979 Fred October 15, 1979 issue
1979 Fred May 5, 1978 issue
1979 Fred Feb 26. 1979 issue
Fred November 12, 1979 issue <
  Fred November 19, 1979 issue <
  Fred November 26, 1979 issue <
1980 Fred 1980 Annual
1974 Radio April 1, 1974