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FM Atlas, published from 1970 to 2010 provided a listing of all FM station in North America with the unique feature of frequency-by-frequency maps. Detailed format and SCA information was also included.
Dr. Bruce Elving, publisher of the FM Atlas, was a long-time advocate for and and expert in all things related to FM. He passed away in 2011, and this page is a tribute to his love and dedication to FM radio.
20 of 21 total editions: 1970 - 2010
Year Publication # Year Publication #
1970 needed 1 1988 FM Atlas 11
1971 FM Atlas 2 1989 FM Atlas 12
1973 FM Atlas 3 1990 FM Atlas 13
1976 FM Atlas 4 1992 FM Atlas 14
1978 FM Atlas 5 1993 FM Atlas 15
1979 FM Atlas 6 1995 FM Atlas 16
1980 FM Atlas 7 1997 FM Atlas 17
1983 FM Atlas 8 1999 FM Atlas 18
1984 FM Atlas 9 2003 FM Atlas 19
1986 FM Atlas 10 2005 FM Atlas 20
      2010 FM Atlas 21
According to a Wikiepedia posting, Bruce F. Elving was an author and DXer from Duluth, Minnesota. His interest in FM radio began while the technology was still in its infancy. He was twice given the DXer of the year award by The Association of North American Radio Clubs, first in 1973 and later in 1986. He had a desire to introduce others to the world of FM DXing, and the Worldwide TV FM DX Association has included an article by him explaining the process on their website. Another introductory article which was originally published on his now offline FM Atlas site can be found on the FMedia website. He was the author of the FM Atlas, a directory of FM radio stations and translators throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The FM Atlas has been published approximately every 18 months since 1972, and is currently in its 21st edition.Elving also publishes FMedia, a monthly set of updates for the FM Atlas, compiled from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) data along with information contributed by subscribers. Publishing of FMedia began in 1987, continuing until mid-2007 when Elving announced he was looking for a hobbyist who would take over the newsletter under new ownership. The publication remained out of print for some months, eventually creating a multi-month issue to catch readers up with the changes in station data.Elving's eldest daughter, Kristine, took over FMedia in January 2008, with Bruce taking on a new role of mentor and contributing editor. In March 2010 Kristine published the last issue of the newsletter, when it again went out of print.