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  Directory of AM FM TV stations, regulations and suppliers from 1935 to 2010
Broadcasting Yearbook is a directory of radio and television stations and related information and was first published in 1935. The last issue was for 2010. All issues are available to read and search.
2010: Broadcasting Yearbook ceases publication.
"A passing of a major institution in the broadcast biz: The Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook, formerly the Broadcasting Yearbook, was a dog-eared fixture on many broadcasters’ desks since probably before WWII." "The publisher's website states that Bowker will no longer accept orders for the Yearbook as its publication has been discontinued.  The 2010 issue was the last. The near-$400 reference book, like others in the field, has been replaced by online data, which is often free. Three publishers tried to sustain the heritage of the Yearbook. At the end, a printed directory of an industry in transition was always out of date. " (RBR)
Availability of Issues
 Over recent years, a high percentage of  libraries that held collections of Broadcasting's weekly and yearbook issues have eliminated those resources upon analysis of usage As a result, the access to this treasure of historical data has been severely limited and the average person can not find information on much of the history of radio and television. This site endeavors to remedy that situation by making copy protected but fully readable issues available for research and reading.
Names used by this publication
1935 to 1937
Broadcasting Yearbook
1947 to 1956
Broadcasting Telecasting Yearbook

1957 to 1979
Broadcasting Yearbook
1980 to 1981
Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook
1982 to 1988 
Broadcasting & Cablecasting Yearbook
1989 to 1991
 Broadcasting Yearbook
1992 Broadcasting & Cable Marketplace
1993 to 2010
Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook
Other Directories
available on this site
<center><h2>M Street Directory</h2><hr><h3>1989 - 2010</h3><hr>All 19 editions<br>courtesy of Inside Radio<br>Listing for all AM and FM stations<br>Market Summary with all stations<br>in each metro with ratings<br>Stations by call letter and frequency<br>All Canadian stations</center>
M Street Directory
<center><h2>Radio Annual</h2><hr><h3> 1938 to 1964</h3> <hR> All Are Searchable by keywords <BR> All 26 volumes available <BR> From Radio Daily. <BR>  Station listings and talent directory. <BR> Articles by industry figures.</center><br>
Radio Annual
<center><h3>FM Atlas 1970 - 2010</h3><hR> 20 of 21 total editions <BR> The late Dr Bruce Elving's  <BR>marvelous publication which plots <BR> every FM on maps  <BR>plus listings by frequency and  <BR>state & city including  <BR>formats and SCA.</center>
FM Atlas
Television Factbook
<center><h3>The Vane A Jones</h3><h3>- North American -<br>-  Radio & Television -<br> Guide</h3><hr>Published 1957 to 1985 <BR>17 editions available. <BR>This was The DXer's <br>and station owner's <BR>favorite list of all <br>US Radio and TV stations. <BR>Includes Canada <br>Mexico Caribbean</center>
Radio TV Guide
<center><h2>Variety Radio Annual</h2><hr><h3>1937 - 1940</h3><hr>All 4 issues <br>available here<br>From Variety Magazine<br>lists stations and talent</center>
Variety Radio Directory
<center><h2>Keyes Radio <br><br>Annual</h2><hr><h3>1933</h3><hr>Earliest full directory on Site<br>Stations, talent, Networks<br>Radio Legislation<br>International stations</center>
Keyes Directory
1931 only
<center><h2>SRDS Spot Radio </h2><hr><h3>Stations & Ad Rates</h3><hR>Selected issues 1942 - 1985<hR> The Ad Buyer's Reference for:<br> Station Data <BR>Rate Cards and Facilities<BR> Management, Ownership <br>Format, Air date, Rep Firm<BR>Listings were very accurate<BR> because the book was used <BR>as a guide to place ad buys</center>
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