Radio TV Training School    
 1949 Home Study Course.
The Radio Training School, later called "RTS Electronics," was one of many companies offering correspondence courses in radio, TV and electronics. They were located in Los Angeles, and advertised in many hobbyist-oriented electronics magazines in the 40's through the 60's.
The course here is from 1949, and includes 100 lessons.
This course courtesy of Greg Overton
1-R AM Radio
2-R Electricity in Tubes & Wiring
3-R How Radio Tubes Operate
4-R Radio Circuits
5-R Resistanced & Current
6-R Capacitors
7-R Coils - Inductors
8-R Alternating Currents
9-R Tuned Circuits
10-R Radio Communication
11-R Antenna Systems
12-R Resistors
13-R Resistance in Circuits
14-R Vacuum Tubes
15-R Electron Tubes & Uses
16-R Tube Classification
17-R Reading Diagrams
18-R Power Output Mentodes
19-R Special Purpose Tubes
20-R Power Amplifier Tubes
21-R Tuned RF Receovers
22-R The Electric Power Unit
23-R Power Supply Circuits