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There are missing Radex, White's Logs, Broadcast Engineering, Television/Radio Age, Radio Daily, RCA Broadcast News, Broadcast Engineering, etc., that can be seen from the numbered lists on each of those publications pages.  Check your attic or garage. Look in the storage room at the transmitter. Ask at your local library; seldom consulted reference books are often discarded or sold in bulk.
Help me find and preserve these books for others to study and enjoy. Whether you wish to sell. donate or lend them or just to help track them down, you can help me preserve the history of radio and these harder and harder to find resources,
How these pages are made and
why I do them
Publications of extreme value that I do not own are photo scanned by Atiz equipment so as to protect the paper and binding.

Other publications
are either cut at the binding on a printer's guillotine paper cutter (most were discarded library copies, already bound and "mutilated"). Then the sheets are scanned by a Fujitsu fi6670 or a Fujitsu Fi 6130. These are a high speed sheet fed scanners of different sizes which can process batches of 200 pages on both sides in just a few minutes. An array of Canon flatbeds is used for delicate or mutilated pages.  The coated paper used in the late 50's and early 60's is now very brittle and these editions must be hand fed or flatbed scanned. Fortunately, these ageing books are now preserved... unlike the very, very few remaining copies at university libraries and the like, which are crumbling and being discarded.

In all, 6 different scanners are used, each one appropriate for one specific task.

The deterioration of the old yearbooks and magazines is just one factor in my decision to try to preserve the heritage of radio's premier publication. The other is the fact that most libraries are short on space and funding. This means that seldom used publications are sold to eBay merchants and every day that passes there are fewer places where this information can be obtained.  Most of these specialized publications were not microfilmed... and who has a film reader at home, anyway?
Few Libraries have these publications and even fewer allow them to be checked out. 
This site's content is 128 bit copy protected. Use it like a library. Just like a library you can read and take notes but you can't "have" the publications.

the magazine, has evolved and now focuses on cable and syndication; the latest publisher has not offered any service for the students and devotees of radio's history and heritage. The Yearbook is very hard to find (a trial search in the huge LA metro for several 80's and 90's issues came up with no surviving copies). As library access is now scarce and generally incomplete and no alternative exists I have tried to fill in this very obvious void. Hopefully, at some time the publisher will create an electronic archive. Until such time, I will share my collection and attempt to keep building it. White's, Radex and Radio Daily are long gone, as is the SAMS / Jones log. I am attempting to build a full archive of these publications.

Since this is a free site, as it always will be, many have asked, "why do you do it?" since some of the Yearbooks have cost as much as $1,000 on eBay. Simply put, I celebrated 50 years in radio in 2009, and this endeavor is a small way to preserve the memories, the heritage and the events of that industry, particularly at a time when the "towers and transmitters" part of radio is rapidly changing.

This site is my small contribution to the industry and profession that have given me challenges, joy, frustration and, of course, an income for half a century.
Notice: I have placed security on most of the documents to prevent this from becoming a download site rather than a virtual library. All publications and directories are locked. While you can read online, you can not download, save or print them. All publications available on this site are scanned to be readable but are not of sufficient resolution for distribution, printing or otherwise reproducing.
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